Children and Teenagers

Babies and Children:

Dr Ravi Dasan has over 30 years experience of providing the best possible care for children. He is unique in that he combines the skills of a GP with those of an A&E Consultant, so can manage anything from worry about bowel or urinary problems, cough/colds, chest pains or breathing problems, lice and common parasitic infections in children (worms), to more urgent concerns such as meningitis, minor injuries/ head trauma. He will provide chickenpox vaccinations to prevent your child from having potentially life affecting scars, as well as any holiday vaccinations that may be necessary.

Ravi is a specialist in Advanced Pediatric Life Support and has Directed courses to teach fellow doctors and Consultants how to best manage life threatening situations.

Ravi will provide the best possible care for your child, and, if required,  onward referrals to the best specialists in London for any given disorder.


Ravi is experienced in working with teenagers or adolescents to help with issues of eating disorders, anxiety/ depression, self-harming or behavioural change.

Issues of acne, hormonal changes, menstrual concerns, contraception options / advice are all part of the service offered to young people.

He can also provide cervical cancer vaccinations for female children / teenagers (reducing the risk of cervical cancer) as well as HPV prevention for male children/teenagers (preventing HPV and some sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts).

Ravi will provide discreet and expert guidance / referral regarding possible drink or drug addiction. He will work with you to understand whether there is a problem, and if so, if it is best for your child to be assisted on a one-to-one basis, or admitted to a specialist clinic.

Ravi is an A&E Consultant in London’s leading Teaching Hospital, which means he has access to the best Professors and Clinical Expertise in the country, and he will use his expertise to ensure that your child has the best diagnosis, and the best possible care as well as onward referrals to the best specialists in London for any given disorder.