“Be well” health screens

Understanding your health is crucial no matter what your age. In the old adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’, and health screens and body MOTs provide a fully comprehensive view of  your health and wellbeing, and highlight any issues which may need to be addressed. Health screens are recommended to ensure that you are in peak condition. There are specific health screens for men and women, and for those people over 40. Ravi will discuss the options with you, to identify the best health screen for you.


Ravi’s approach is to work with you to look at any specific health risk factors, and design a health review or screen that is specific to your age, gender, lifestyle and medical / genetic history. As your private family Doctor, Ravi will look after your health and wellbeing through designing the best screen for you.


Specific health screens can involve prostate cancer screening (recommended for all men, and particularly those over 50 or with a family history), fertility screens for men and women looking to start a family, well-woman and well-man screens which provide a deep gender specific view of your health and risk factors. Dr Ravi Dasan also offers discreet sexual health screening, full blood screening, and for particular reassurance, he will offer full heart, liver, kidney and endocrine screening so you can rest assured that your health is in good hands.