As Spring approaches, I’m seeing an increase in people who are suffering from hayfever, and asking what extra help I can provide other than ‘over the counter’ medications.

Throughout the year, we see plants flowering at different times whether it is trees, flowers, shrubs or grasses. All of these plants are releasing pollen, which can cause immense irritation to humans. Coughing, sneezing, eyes watering, headaches, blocked sinuses, body aching: it sounds like the flu, but actually it’s all symptoms of hay-fever.

In basic terms, pollen contains proteins which cause the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses to become swollen, irritated and inflamed. It’s not a well known fact but hay-fever is actually an allergic reaction to pollen resulting in misery for hordes of people. 

I will do a test to see if you have a specific grass pollen allergy, which can be treated by prescription drugs and which resolve all of the health issues. Otherwise, I can offer a simple injection which stops the effects of hayfever. It’s not available on the NHS, and only offered privately.  If you’re a hayfever sufferer, book an appointment, and I’ll be able to discuss your hayfever with you. You don’t need to suffer the horrible effects of hayfever anymore, and you can enjoy the sunshine without fear!

Here’s an article I wrote on the difference between hayfever and Covid19 symptoms :