I was quoted in the article “I’m a doctor and you could get Covid if you touch this” alongside some other doctors.

 Covid19 is a very ‘sticky’ virus which means it adheres to surfaces, and is difficult to shift. It’s because of this that we have the enhanced cleaning protocols wherever people gather – restaurants, shops, hospitals, offices. 

 I tell people that the key thing is to avoid touching our faces, which is extremely hard to avoid. Apparently we touch our faces nearly 50 times an hour. We can touch a surface, and then scratch our noses, rub our eyes, put our fingers in our mouths – and we’re infected. One way to try to avoid is by wearing plastic gloves when out – the sensation will remind you to try to avoid touching your face. Masks also help as it stops you touching nose and mouth (remember not to rub your eyes!). 

Government guidelines have always been to wash hands regularly, and again, this is to ensure that if you touch a surface which has the Covid19 virus on it, it won’t transmit to you. Make use of the sanitizer which is pretty much everywhere at the moment; it will kill the virus

Remember, however, that living in a state of fear and anxiety can be really bad for you. The vast majority of people who catch Covid19 will suffer mild flu-like symptoms. We need to protect our elderly and vulnerable, and if you’re not in an ‘at risk’ category, just take sensible precautions.




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Dr Ravi Dasan – the Harley Street GP