I’ve said a number of times that testing is the only way to properly understand and manage this pandemic. I was asked to comment on this very topic by Mel Magazine in the US : “your partner tests negative for Covid19, yes, you need a test”.

 Simply, it is not good practise to assume that if your partner tests negative for Covid19, that you are also negative.

 I’m a personal example of this; I’ve tested positive (and continue to test positive for the antibodies) but my partner has never tested positive – which means that as we were living together whilst I had it (and it is a very “sticky” virus) she is probably naturally immune, or has T-cells.

Studies also show that 40% of people who have it are asymptomatic. I was; I have no idea when I had it and I only know as I have private antibody tests. We need to carry on testing as much as possible in order to win this fight. However, the government is clear that only people with three or more symptoms qualify for an NHS test. Private Test Covid19 are one of the ways to fight the virus, if you are worried. 

I offer two Private Test Covid19 – both the antibody test which shows if you have had it, and I also offer the private swab test Covid19 which shows if you are currently infected. The antibody test is done in my consulting rooms in Harley Street, but the swab test can be sent to your home and returned to the lab using a pre-paid envelope. I get the results within 24 to 48 hours.

So if your partner tests negative for Covid19, yes, you need a test. You may well be positive. 



Dr Ravi Dasan – the Harley Street GP