As we move into Autumn, we’re getting the statistics that show Covid is on the increase. There were nearly 3,000 new cases in one single day in September. It’s a marked increase and a worrying number.

 The reasons seem fairly straightforward; younger people are socialising, and the increase in cases is predominantly amongst the under 25s. We now know that younger people are less likely to be seriously affected by Covid; so would be experiencing mild flu symptoms rather than the frightening images of people struggling to breathe in ICU. 

 However, younger people can infect older people. It’s a very sticky virus, which makes it hard to eliminate no matter what cleaning protocols are in place. Older people (particularly the elderly) are more likely to experience serious consequences if they become infected.

Along with my NHS colleagues, I’m watching with a degree of trepidation as we prepare for, but pray we don’t get, the second wave. All we can do is continue to monitor and measure (Test! Test! Test!). We can try to protect people (NHS offers the Flu vaccine every year, and I would recommend you had it).

I offer a Covid19 private test which shows if you have it (a swab test) and I also offer a Covid19 private test which shows if you have had it (an antibody test). 

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 In the meantime, I’ll just echo my colleagues and say please follow the social distancing guidelines so we protect our vulnerable and our elderly.

Dr Ravi Dasan – the Harley Street GP