Why should you have a health screen? If you drive a car, you’ll know that it is the law for it to be checked over once a year to ensure everything is in fully working order. If your car fails the MOT, there are generally some relatively small but potentially life saving changes that can be made; whether it is replacing the tyres or sorting out the seatbelts. Simply, health screens and body MOTs are important to understand your health. 

I recommend that we do the same with your health. As your private GP, I see my job as keeping you in the best possible health. Prevention is always better than cure in medicine, and I can look at all of the indicators in your body to see if there are any potential issues arising. Every body has a range of data that can be monitored and assessed to look at overall health, and identify any issues.

The data ranges from simple yet critical measures such as blood pressure and blood sugars, through to urine and blood analysis, and to detailed scans of various parts of the body. We have an extraordinary ability to look at all parts of the body, and draw up a clear view of the health of the person, and any risks that affect them particularly.

Every single person is entirely unique when it comes to their health, and all of the factors that underpin it. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and whilst I’m always available for appointments for those immediate issues, I prefer to see you once a year or so, and ensure that you are in the best possible health.

It is far better to deal with health problems when they are in initial stages, or when indicators show some form of risk rather than wait until the issue presents at which point treatment is often longer How can we do it? Health screens are one of the best ways to understand exactly what is going on inside one’s body and give the opportunity for preventative behaviours or treatments to be put into place.

What kind of screens can be offered? Health screens are a range of tests and scans which provide a view of the health of a person. There are straightforward check-ups which offer essential physical measurements, blood analysis, medical history and lifestyle review. In these cases, you will get a clear view of your health and we will discuss your results in detail during a consultation. We’ll talk about you and any concerns or niggling worries that you may have and we’ll resolve them together.

There are more detailed screens which provide more reassurance, and offer a comprehensive range of tests including ECG, bowel cancer test, grip strength test, breast examination, pelvic examination and cervical smear test for women, and prostate and testicular tests for men.

I can also offer specific screens for men and women (‘well man’ and ‘well woman’ screens), fertility screens for men and women, discreet sexual health screens, age related screens as well as screens specific to parts of the body; heart, lungs etc. Please book a consultation with me and we can discuss the best screens for you. I look forward to meeting with you and ensuring that you are in the best of health.

 Dr Ravi Dasan – the Harley Street GP