One of the forgotten groups in Covid19 is our young people. Whilst they may not be at risk of being seriously unwell with Covid, the mental health impact of this new world is considerable. The NHS is preparing for an explosion in mental health issues, and it was barely coping with the levels before lockdown. Simply, Covid19 is enhancing anxiety and stress in students

Being a young person is hard at the best of times. I would hate to return to those days, and now there are extra pressures with social media, ‘trolling’ and negative impact on body image as well as the hormones, introduction to drugs and alcohol, starting relationships, exploring boundaries with parents and authority figures and the pressure of exams. 

 Covid19 bring extra problems with schools closing, reduced interactions with friends, cancelled exams, virtual fresher’s week, worries about their parents’ health (and financial health), fears about the future, and now returning to school in “bubbles” and masks… sometimes it can all seem too much. 

In my practise, I’m seeing an increase in young people presenting with stress and anxiety. There are a range of things we can do to help, with medication just being one of them. Understanding the root of the anxieties is really critical, and talking is the only way to do it. I work with a range of professionals who can support your young person at this time.


I was asked to comment on ways that young people can reduce their anxiety, particularly as they return to schools and colleges.

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Tips from health experts for students dealing with Covid anxiety