Your blood can tell me so much about you; it can show me whether you have certain diseases or conditions, and also can help check how well your organs are working. It really is an incredible fluid! There are hundreds of private blood tests on offer. 

So what can I look for?

Many of us have a glass too many (after all they do say, fairly tongue in cheek, that you’ll be okay if you drink less than your doctor!) but if you are worried about your liver, I can do a simple test which shows your liver function.

I can also do private blood tests to assess how your kidneys, thyroid and other organs are working. I’d recommend these tests for peace of mind, and also they are helpful to do if members of your family have had problems in any of these areas. I would suggest that you have your blood test done at various ages as it is the best way to assess how well you really are and allows me to deal with potential issues before they become significant problems. 

 Bloods can also tell me if you have diseases such as cancer, some sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDs, diabetes, anaemia and coronary heart disease. It is quite incredible how much information your blood holds about your health, and with a few simple tests, we can ensure that you are in the best of health, or alternatively have a treatment plan to keep you as healthy as possible.

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 Dr Ravi Dasan – the Harley Street GP