HPV is a concerning infection; there are generally no symptoms but it is the biggest cause of cervical cancer in the UK. It is routinely screened in a woman’s smear test, at which point is identified but cannot be ‘cured’.

As well as increasing the risk of cervical cancer, HPV can also cause genital warts on both men and women.

HPV can lie dormant for years with no symptoms and so, whilst you may be in a monogamous relationship, there is no guarantee that the symptoms will not appear during your relationship.

The HPV vaccine will protect against many strains of HPV including those which cause cervical cancer, and genital warts. It is a straightforward injection administered in a discreet and sensitive manner.

It can be given to adults and adolescent children, meaning that certain cervical cancers will be eliminated within our lifetime. I would recommend that you and your adolescent children have this vaccine.

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